When Sewells trained “Gold Medal Winning Olympians” we used …

More than six million Brits, including Sewells Chairman, Dr Willaim Holden, stayed up after midnight to watch four women, Rhona Martin, Debbie Knox, Janice Rankin and Fiona MacDonald, became Britain’s first gold medal winners at the 2002 Winter Olympics for 18 years!

We are, as human beings, incredibly refined and sophisticated goal achieving machine … however most people have no idea how powerful to set goals, or how powerful they are when it comes to achieving anything they desire  –  without limit.

Dr William Holden, Sewells Chairman and author of self-development book, ‘the guide,’ has been cited by the British Women’s Curling Team as instrumental in their success in achieving Gold at the Olympics!

Fiona MacDonald says … “when my boss came back from Sewells’ “Working Miracles™ … with Performance” workshop he was on fire. I spoke to Will and said that if we could have some of the ‘stuff’ he was on … then the Gold medal would be a certainty”

By the time Rhona Martin won with the last throw she’d visualised the shot “a thousand times already in her head”. In fact, we didn’t do anything different with the Curling Team members than we do with people in the business world.

It’s just that our tried and tested methods were used towards fulfilling an objective that was different from anything we had worked towards before  –  WINNING A GOLD MEDAL AT THE OLYMPICS.

Our tried and tested methodology works whatever the situation, organisation or market place.

We worked with the team in order to …

  1. Help them to clearly define the objective – a medal of any colour? Or a GOLD MEDAL specifically? Your business must have a clear “vision” of where it wants to be!
  2. Help the team see the vastness and intensity of the power that lies within the reach of every human being –  including each and every one of them.
  3. Connect them to that power and build and create an overwhelming DESIRE to achieve the objective and succeed.
  4. Channel the power towards the objective and therefore produce energy, creativity, hard work and application to die for.
  5. Work hard, stay focused and eradicate any negative influences (even the dream stealers and sceptics)
  6. Enjoy the results when they come –  because they always will!!  –  and then celebrate!!


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