The secrets to improving your sales in 2016 and beyond

I wish you could have been with me a couple of weeks ago when we were delivering the second part of a sales development programme for a client.

The fifteen delegates were mainly experienced sales people and a few new ones were also involved. Their sales figures have been ok(ish) over the last few years and they operate in a challenging and competitive market.

As we asked them to put into practice what they’d learned from us about selling in a post-recessionary world  –   via role plays  –  the excitement and enthusiasm was causing the atmosphere to positively “crackle”.

The sales people were telling us that their motivation for the products and services they sell has been restored; their belief in themselves and their ability to “destroy” the competition has been established (or re-established) and a genuine passion has been ignited to do the tough things required in order to exceed stretching targets.

They told us that they’ve learned practical, value driven relationship-based sales processes and techniques like they were experiencing them for the first time. We got them to get rid of all the bad habits they’d acquired over the years and to master the things that are important to customers today.

In a matter of weeks they’ve already seen a 60% increase in the number of leads generated by the prospecting techniques learned on days 1 and 2. They then produced an improvement in their closing ratios of over 50% (i.e from 29% to 45%) of leads generated.


If you would like to turbo-charge your sales in 2016 … look no further than getting Sewells in to help. The results we help clients produce are always positively ground breaking … in unit sales, gross profit, cross-selling and up-selling  –  especially with experienced and battle-hardened sales people.

Our Sales Improvement Secrets

  1. There’s NOTHING new in terms of successfully growing sales and profits! Nothing!!
  2. It’s “good, old fashioned relationship selling techniques” that work, not gimmicks
  3. That means it’s “hard work and application” that makes it so impactful
  4. We motivate even the most negative, most experienced sales people to use our processes and techniques WILLINGLY … because they make sense to them
  5. There’s a direct correlation between failure to prospect and the failure to sell –  and we tackle that first.
  6. We instil new levels of belief, confidence, heart, grit and determination in sales people to do the hard work that is the foundation of all sales
  7. There are no short cuts –  or “quick fixes” … there is, however, a sustainable fix … contact Sewells today.

If you and your people are not achieving what you should, let us help you to understand why and put GUARANTEED mechanisms in place to change that. Contact us today on 01244 681068 or email us on … you’ll be really glad you did.

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