The 3 Most Powerful Questions Any Leader Must Answer

While leadership concepts may be easy to understand, implementing them is often extremely challenging and, unfortunately, too difficult for some.Becoming a brilliant leader takes focus, well thought-out plans and determination.Effective leadership requires a strong foundation of self-knowledge – e.g. personal values, principles, vision, and goals – and a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

As important as your leadership foundation is, creating or strengthening it isn’t that difficult.

It starts with answering a few critical questions, engaging in introspection and receiving consistent feedback.

Your next question may now be: Does This Approach Work?Our answer: Yes

A leading fashion retailer out in the Middle East came to Sewells poised for global expansion. Only one thing was holding them back  –  they needed bolder, stronger leaders:

People, who could make smart decisions, give direction, solve problems creatively … so their teams would follow on the journey with a sense of pride and purpose.

So, we created workshops and masterclasses on a few central themes …

  • Effective goal-setting and communication
  • Building winning teams
  • Positive performance management
  • Motivation and building trust

… all the tools they needed to inspire their team members into giving their best  –  day in, day out.

And here’s what happened:

Their profits rose from SAR226 Million to SAR995 Million!

Sending their share price soaring from SAR26 to SAR148.

Not by cost-cutting. Not by adding new systems. Not by streamlining a process.

Purely by giving leaders what they needed most – the tools to lead.

We have the answers. We have the proven solutions.

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