Managing change in today’s organisations is not getting any easier (part 2)

Last week we talked about how the need for companies to manage change quickly and successfully is now a core competence that as many as 80% of companies fail to do successfully.  If you want to review what we sent you last week click here.   It’s revealing – and frankly concerning – that the […]

Managing Change in today’s organisations is not getting any easier (part 1)

For companies to survive and strive in today’s competitive environment, no longer is it enough just to manage change quickly and successfully  …  rather, it’s a core competence that can no longer be considered a discretionary “nice to have”.   Yet most organisations are falling short in the race to adapt. The accelerating pace of […]

At last! The improvements in performance and results you need and want

It’s about doing simple things extraordinarily well! The simple things are those things which still work long after you’ve forgotten all the drama that went along with learning them in the first place … but how many have you put to one side and don’t use anymore? For example, publishers make over 90% of their […]

Leading Through Change

Discover our new powerful and dynamic two-day workshop that increases professional effectiveness and success. “Leading Through Change” will guide you through tried, tested and trusted, step-by-step strategies that are simple to apply and will allow you to master change successfully and ultimately have the competitive advantage. Click here to find out more information.

The characteristics of terrific employees (part 1)

They work for the greater good. They really “get” the vision and direction – and how to play their full part in making it “come alive”. Great employees aren’t just team players; they have a deep understanding of how their team plays best. They have the ability to adapt their work styles for the greater […]

So what’s it like on Jupiter?

A gold medal winning Olympic athlete is going to do poorly competing in the high jump on Jupiter. The reason? Gravity is two and a half times that of Earth’s which means … you’re just not going to jump very well. Contrast this to our moon, which gives you a huge advantage … because you’d […]

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