Most Popular Sewells Insights in 2017

This year we shared advice on how to achieve ballistic results in 2017 and beyond for your business.

And while we’re not obsessed with clicks and eyeballs, it’s interesting to see what caught our audiences attention.

Listed below are the year’s ten most popular pieces of Sewells inspirational thinking.

Click on the images below and enjoy!

The Signs That It’s Time for an Upgrade to your Culture

Every organisation with more than 3 people in it has a culture…and studies show that the culture is the most important factor in its success – or otherwise …

Do you have any idea how bad we are at managing and prioritising our time!?

Businesses today have a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and the problem with many of the existing productivity systems is that they don’t always recognise this …

The six biggest challenges business leaders everywhere face

The life of a modern-day business leader is not an easy one …

Knowledge isn’t power, knowing how to use it effectively IS!           

The fact that most personal development efforts fail is not proof of a causal relationship. It’s only proof that what people have tried up to now hasn’t worked for them …
The gift of self confidence

Watch this video to hear our Chairman, Will Holden, share what you need ahead of the New Year in order to achieve breath-taking results …

Top 10 Reasons People Resist Change

It’s a well-known fact that over 80% of change initiatives fail (or fail to deliver anything like the expected outcomes) …

How Effective a Leader are you and your team?

As someone who is well respected and is seen and recognised as one of the best in the industry, you know creating inspiring leaders isn’t easy …

The solution to all the significant business challenges you can’t fix

What holds organisations back is not that people believe, but they believe in the wrong things!

What successful companies do…

The ability to really get your team’s mind-set to understand their fears and concerns and move passed them is vital …

Is this the highest ROI for any business?

Most organisations are over managed and under led.

Which is probably why you feel powerless sometimes … and not in control …


Happy New Year from all of us at Sewells!

We look forward to providing you with even more insights in 2018.

Best wishes,

The Sewells Team

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