People with Knowledge Talk, People with Wisdom Listen!

Our latest survey reveals that sales people are still not making prospective buyers feel valued and respected – and this is mainly because:-

1) They’re not very good at relaxing and being friendly – knowledgeable yes, friendly no!

2) They’re not very good at listening – talking yes, listening no! (which these days is more important than ever with using the telephone, Zoom or Teams!)

Over 85% of sales are won and lost in the early stages of the sales process – the front–end relationship building stages, not the back–end negotiation, objection handling and closing stages.

The survey shows that sales people are so keen to “get into their pitch”, they FORGET to make friends … a school boy/girl error that is simply solved if they are given the right attitude to start with.

A more difficult skill to learn, however, is listening … which is an ‘active’ process, not a passive one … a psychological one … not a physical one. It will double sales and increase margins significantly (well it does when we, at Sewells, train sales people).

The five keys to improving listening skills (and the sales and margins that go with it) are to do so with the intention of:-


1) Understanding the real needs of your customers and building trust and credibility in the process

2) Taking action that will amaze your customers and lock them into you forever and a day

3) Learning about your customer’s hopes, fears and aspirations around your product or service

4) Enjoying seeing your customer discover how your product, or service, gives them what they want … and more!

5) Remembering the small, but important, details about your customers – children’s names, where they live, go on holiday etc …


One final secret – when you’re engaging with a customer … TAKE NOTES! It shows respect, it shows you’re professional – and you don’t have to rely on your memory later on!

Our sales development programmes cover the essentials and produce performance breakthroughs everywhere we go. Don’t leave your sales growth to chance, or to the “stuff” you’ve been doing for years with marginal increases.

It’s time to make a change …, a positive one… it’s time for Sewells to join your team!

With a Net Promoter Score of +90 you couldn’t be in safer hands to get 2021 off to a flying start.

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“I can not believe the improvement in sales margins and retention since we’ve introduced the Sewells Sales Guide – even in this though market”  SHELL.

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