NTLs (Non Trustworthy Leaders) – The Scourge Of Any Organisation / Business

We invest a lot of our time and energy into our work and part of the return on that investment is the benefit of being led by someone we respect and admire – someone we can look up to.

It doesn’t always work that way. Far too many of us end up working for NTLs (Non Trustworthy Leaders).

NTLs can, and do, wreck teams and destroy the fabric of an entire organisation if left unchecked.

There are some clear signs when we have a NTL in our midst ..  click on the picture below to find out what they are.


How many of these characteristics do we see in the leaders around us?  Too many, for sure!

We can help you change them – or weed them out. (Another challenge is that your classic NTL doesn’t realise that’s what they are!)

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve met with, for example, a CEO who knows there is a problem in their organisation, they think they understand the reason when in fact the real problem is often something else entirely … and a lot of the time non trustworthy leadership is the real issue.

In our experience – and it’s considerable, we’ve been the UK’s leading business transformation specialists for over 50 years – rather than making assumptions, we think it’s best to find out for sure by asking questions – we call them Diagnostic Interviews – and we recommend including all levels from the most experienced senior leaders to the most recent and junior members of the team in the process to ascertain the true starting point for a business improvement programme.

The results can sometimes be hard to hear, but if listened to – and acted upon properly by using the findings as the basis to create a bespoke leadership development programme – the improvement in results is ALWAYS outstanding.

We’re offering a FREE Leadership Health Check as our prize draw for one lucky winner to get them started.  Just click here, or on the picture below to enter. T&Cs apply.

Good luck!


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