How to identify a terrible leader

It has always amazed us how many terrible leaders there are in the workplace. This isn’t something new; it’s been this way for as long as we can remember. Sadly, these ineffective leaders rarely get identified.

This means terrible leaders aren’t given any opportunities to develop properly (most can become good, or great, leaders but never get shown how). The consequence is they linger on as terrible leaders doing irreparable damage including making good employees leave. The damage they can do to an organisation goes way beyond just financial measures.

Over the years our research has found that there are five key traits that are consistent with terrible leaders. As you read through them, consider these a litmus test, to quickly identify any that may exist in your organisation. You know the one; that person who is a leader in name or title, but not in deed. You may also compare yourself with their traits and see how YOU score.

It may well surprise you.


Download the FIve Key Traits consistent with terrible leaders here 


The frustrating thing from our perspective – as the UK’s leading business transformation and leadership development provider – is that good leaders are made not born, yet comparatively few companies choose to train or develop their leaders properly or effectively.

Over the past 55 years we, at Sewells, have developed world class leadership development programmes that really work. We start with diagnostic interviews to get to the real “truth” in terms of “gap analysis” and then we develop a bespoke programme based around the organisation’s specific issues with breathtaking results. Our clients are inclined to agree, here is what a couple have had to say: –


  • If, when we started the Sewells Leadership Programme, someone had told me the extent of tangible progress we’d make, I’d have said, “It would be impossible”! Of course now we know that nothing is impossible!
  • “If I walked into a competitor and they said they have this great training company and they are going to change the way we do business and they said it’s called Sewells, I’d be worried.”


To experience our unique approach for yourself, give us, at Sewells, one day with some of your leadership team (you may qualify for this to be free of charge) … and we’ll give them a learning experience that will transform them and their ability to lead their team to performance improvements you’ve never seen before!

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How to identify a terrible leader

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