Do you have any idea how bad we are at managing and prioritising our time?

Over the past 50 years we, at Sewells, have worked with clients to help them effectively deal with time management and prioritising … with enormous impact.


People stopped ….

  • Still working through lunch
  • Still working late at work, or when they get home
  • Being unable to stay focused or give anything enough quality time
  • Getting “drowned” by the number of emails they receive


Performance and team spirit went through the roof – and stress levels through the floor. 


Businesses today have a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and the problem with many of the existing productivity systems is that they don’t always recognise this.

We, at Sewells have found that having followed our methods and time management and prioritisation principles, our clients have learned how to build time just like compounding interest in a bank account.

Our workshops demonstrate the best principles behind time management, prioritising and effective decision making enabling you to identify, and eliminate, non-productive tasks.  Having followed our methodologies clients report being able to:

  • Spend more time focused on the vital few rather than getting buried with the trivial many
  • Limit the impact of an environment of constant interruptions
  • Accomplish more of what they want to do
  • Feel more in control and less stressed
  • Stand apart from their peers in the organisation


We’d really welcome the opportunity to speak to you more about how we can help you and your teams develop their own effective decision-making structures. When you see the benefits to your bottom line you’ll be awfully glad you did!  Just click on the picture below to send us an email and we’ll do the rest.



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