Do You All Look, Sound and Behave the Same?

Do you stand out from your competitors?

Not in terms of your products, your showrooms, your brochures and advertising.

Do your customer facing people stand out? Do they help differentiate your brand in a positive way?

To win customers, beat competitors, attract referrals, build brand loyalty and grow sales and profits – your customer facing people need to stand out in a “quality”, “unforgettable” kind of way.

A customer facing person I once knew decided to stand out by wearing a garish fish tie. His salesmanship was awful – and he got what he wanted – he stood out alright – remembered by customers as the “idiot with the fish tie!”

Here are 4 simple strategies to help your customer facing people stand out and amaze customers with levels of service that will lock them into you FOREVER:-


1) Under Promise and Over Deliver
Most often your competitors will do less than they promise. That’s an open door opportunity!
Arrive ten minutes early for meetings/appointments. Follow up faster than you agreed.
Deliver proposals a day early. Include a little extra that wasn’t expected.

2) Be Unforgettable
Send a hand-written note to each customer after each purchase.
Be original, genuine, sincere and appreciative.
Contact customers at regular intervals just to make sure the product/service is doing the job.

3) Manage Yourself
Most sales managers are so busy filling in forms for Head Office, they’re not skilled at coaching and development to improve the performance of the team.
Know your numbers and ratios etc…
Set targets to improve them.

4) Be Really Nice
When the customers aren’t and the weather isn’t.
Make friends with the customer first, be sincere and genuine.
Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!
Epitomise what your ‘brand’ stands for in everything you do.

Please don’t think, “It can’t be that easy” because it isn’t easy … it’s simple, not easy … and you’ll need help, proper help, to get your team to master this.


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