Almost Every Time We Hear The Phrase ‘Employee Engagement’ …

Almost every time we hear the phrase ‘Employee Engagement’, we cringe … (a lot!).

I know that’s a strange thing for us, at Sewells, to say, particularly for an organisation that spends so much of its time supporting organisations to improve their performance by developing people to the full and being focused on turning their vision into strong reality.

It’s become very “faddy” lately … yet after all the work on “employee engagement”, why do the recent Gallup surveys show only 13% of people in organisations are “highly engaged”? That means, of course, that 87% are not!!!

The problem is that many organisations are focused on the wrong things, getting too caught up in surveys, data and measurement rather than inspirational leadership skills, empathy, behaviours and good old social skills to create trust, build relationships and create a brilliant and unstoppable “team spirit”.

These, our experience tells us, are the things that drive up performance and create ground-breaking improvements in results.

Supposedly anonymous surveys (by the way, most people don’t believe on-line surveys are anonymous) are fine and may have a place in helping to prioritise things. But … you can’t beat actual conversations and asking employees ‘what can we do better?’ If employees can’t sit down with their boss and talk about things, it doesn’t matter how many anonymous surveys you run, you have a problem.

When people’s hearts and minds are won, everything else soon follows! The work environment becomes vibrant and unstoppable. Results go through the roof. The team spirit becomes electric.

All too often organisations want their employees to just do their jobs well. How can that happen if they’re not really bought into the direction, the vision and how important they are to making it all happen?

If you require free help and advice on how to do this effectively  –  and why wouldn’t you when it creates performance improvements like this:-

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the automotive industry, they saw their sales increase by 11.5%
  • Another organisation in the financial services industry saw an increase in turnover of 58% – from £87M to £148M
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them accelerate performance and achieve their growth plan of 5 years in less than 2 years

We can develop your inspirational leadership skills to create the team spirit and performance breakthroughs you need … register here to find out how we can help you. The first 5 people to reply will receive a 30 minute, private and confidential, telephone consultation worth £795.

Yours enthusiastically,
The Sewells Team

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