7 signs you have a great culture

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or what perks come with your job, is it really worth it when you work in a toxic environment that makes you miserable?

You may love your role and the industry you’re in, but you also need to make sure you love the company you work for – a company with a great culture that makes you look forward to getting up in the morning and puts a spring in your step.


Does your company possess the 7 signs of a great culture? And would your team agree?

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It can be discouraging to discover you’re not hitting the mark culture-wise – even if you haven’t realised it until now. Why put off until tomorrow something you can and should start today?

The transformation may take a significant investment of time and resource, but the payoff in the long run will be beyond belief. Here are some results we’ve achieved for our clients already:

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry they delivered 84.6% fewer ‘defects’ within 12 months
  • Another organisation found staff productivity improved by 24.1% from the previous year
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them drive performance and achieve their ambitious 5-year growth plan in under 2 years

Some people think culture is “pink and fluffy”. Our experience tells us that if you get the culture right, if you make your culture one that your people feel proud to be part of … then you will see your performance and results go through the roof.

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