7 obstacles to true leadership

We all know people who purport to be  leaders …  who, in reality, are not great examples of leadership, as they don’t demonstrate any of the key leadership principles. These key principles can be learned and mastered and used for greatness, but without them the ability to be an effective leader almost impossible. Discover what obstacles may be blocking your path to true leadership, and most importantly, how they can be overcome?

Take the test:

  1. You take credit rather than giving it –  star leaders make their people shine!
  2. You don’t get results –  real leaders perform, they constantly exceed expectations!
  3. You get results the wrong way –  the ends do not justify the means!
  4. You care more about making promises than keeping them –  proper leaders always deliver on any promise made (or explain any delays)
  5. You don’t care about your people – genuine leaders care greatly as to whether or not those they lead are better off being led by them.
  6. You focus on position not delivering the company vision –  authentic leaders are obsessed with taking the company, and everyone in it, to a better place.
  7. You churn talent rather than retaining it –  brilliant leaders make their company a magnet for talent  –  acquiring, developing and retaining  – without this, you are not much of a leader!

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these you need to act. The good news is, the behaviours you’re exhibiting can  all be changed and the results you’re getting can  be dramatically improved!

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