The Worst Managerial Traits displayed by Leaders – Part Two

A few months ago we posted an article on our blog talking about the reasons people leave companies.

The response we got to this post was massive – so much so that we knew it was something we should return to.  So for the month of September this is what we’ll be discussing: The Worst Managerial Traits Displayed By Leaders

We’ve identified 42 … last week we posted part one …

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True leadership is one of the great challenges in business today

This is reinforced by the findings of a recent Gallup poll which suggested that 75% of people working in organisations don’t trust or respect their managers … and is the main contributing factor for their decision to leave their company.

Furthermore, up to 88% of people working in organisations believe that their managers have no idea how to motivate them or others in their team.

What’s important in leadership is refining your personal qualities and your people management and business skills.

Great leaders keep working on themselves until they become effective.

With 50 years’ experience, we, at Sewells, know how to transform you and your managers into inspirational leaders. We only use tried and tested approaches that are proven to work.

Every organisation needs help motivating people to create the performance breakthroughs they need …If you feel yours is one of them, there’s no need to wait until we’ve sent all 42 of the worst managerial traits.

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