The Worst Managerial Traits displayed by Leaders – Part Three

We’ve reached week three in our follow up to the article on our blog when we talked about the reasons people leave companies.

The response we got to the post was massive – so much so that we knew it was something we should return to.  So for the month of September this is what we’ve be discussing: The Worst Managerial Traits Displayed By Leaders.  

We’ve identified 42 traits; the first  28 were sent over the last two weeks. If you want a reminder of parts 1 and 2  you can find them here and here



Of all the traits we’ve listed so far there is one which overrides them all… and that is that bad bosses don’t see themselves that way! They think they’re doing a fine job … and, if left unchecked, they could continue in the same vein until they’ve driven all their team members away and there is no one left!

If you’ve found that you relate to an uncomfortable number of these 42 traits – either because you recognise them in yourself, or in your managers – this isn’t something that’s wise to ignore.

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