Sewells Quality Policy Statement

Our Scope:

The provision and delivery of training and consultancy to meet client requirements.

Our Purpose:

“We make a positive, measurable, tangible difference to ever individual and organization we have the privilege to serve.” 

Our Vision:

“2 X Bigger, 10 X Better. Thriving Together, creating sustainable value for all.”

Our success lies in focusing on FOUR core values, which represent the solid pillars of strength supporting a corporate vision of increased performance and profitability for ourselves and our customers:


The firm foundation upon which our core values sit is simply one of a positive attitude demonstrated at all levels, at all times, towards those values.

By embracing and committing to these values our Mission and Vision will become a Reality.

Our company is committed to providing and maintaining the highest standard of service to clients, meeting with quality requirements as specified by ISO 9001:2015.

It is our company goal to reduce the number of external/internal complaints.  We will continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.  All personnel are expected to perform tasks to the highest standard and be aware of their vital contribution to the company’s key business objectives, ensuring that they fulfil their role in terms of our quality standards, as specified by the company and the customer.

We have prepared a quality management system (QMS) to enable personnel to implement quality assurance on a consistent basis and take appropriate action to ensure that the quality system remains effective at all times.

The complete QMS is available to all employees to assist them with this (including procedures CP1-CP6).  It will be the responsibility of certain individuals within the company to action and amend QMS/procedures accordingly to ensure that specific functions within the company are reviewed, accurately updated and maintained.

The procedures are subject to regular quality audits and minuted management reviews, when necessary changes will be made to improve processes to prevent recurring problems.

It is a mandatory requirement that all company personnel comply and abide by the quality system.


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