The Worst Managerial Traits displayed by Leaders – Part One

A few months ago we posted an article on our blog talking about the reasons people leave companies.

According to the findings of a Gallup poll released about the same time by far and away the main reason people leave is because of their boss – not the role, not the pay, but because of their manager, or immediate supervisor.

The poll suggested that 75% of workers leave their jobs voluntarily because of their boss, and not the job itself.  Imagine that ….75% leaving their jobs for entirely avoidable reasons!

The response we got to this post was massive – so much so that we knew it was something we should return to.  So for the month of September this is what we’ll be discussing: The Worst Managerial Traits Displayed By Leaders.

Intended as both a “check list” of what not to do (for those already in a leadership role), or supportive affirmation (for those who are putting up with them), by the end of September we’ll have sent a list of 42 traits which employees cited as the worst they experience from their managers … and the main triggers for jumping ship and taking their expertise perhaps to the competition…


Click Here for Part one: How many will resonate with you? 


We said before that these 75% leave for entirely avoidable reasons.  It’s true…having team members leave in droves because of issues with their manager IS avoidable, entirely.

Leaders are made, not born.  You can learn to be an inspirational leader….and Sewells can teach you.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve got all 42 of the Worst Managerial Traits Displayed By Leaders – if you recognised any of the first 14 you might want to get in touch to discuss the solutions you can employ.

Give us 90 minutes of your time and – we promise you – they’ll be the most powerful and productive you’ve had in years!



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