What is the cost of team dysfunction?

Following the last two inspirational emails we’ve shared in February around Developing Winning Teams (in case you missed them, click here to view them) we’ve had a good number of enquires from people about how you identify dysfunctions within the team. We covered this before but some of you may have missed it.  Check out the free report within the email below.

Every workplace team has some degree of dysfunction. But dysfunction, in any form and to any degree – whether it’s having a blame culture, widespread bullying and harassment, too much office politics or people just paying ‘lip service’ to the new initiatives that will improve performance – comes at a cost.

At its best, it could be keeping organisations from achieving effective sustainable growth, building a positive team spirit, genuine customer centricity and improved operational excellence on a sustainable, self-perpetuating basis.

At its worst, it can bring down an entire organisation.

The first step is recognising that there is a problem … or, more usually, that there are quite a few.

We have put together a FREE report listing the 10 Most Common Forms of Dysfunction of a Team – but there are many more!  How many can you see in some of your teams?


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The latest estimate of the cost to an organisation for these dysfunctions is a minimum of 34% of the total payroll! Yes, 34% of total payroll!

E-mail us to arrange a “no obligation” discussion about how to rid your organisation of the dysfunctions (which, by the way, are all largely self-inflicted and therefore very fixable, very quickly).

Not only will the bottom line swell significantly, the workplace environment will become a terrific place to be. So, when we say that a meeting with Sewells would be the most powerful and profitable 60 minutes you’ve had in years, we really mean it!

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