The Inspiring Leadership To Create Brilliant Business “BOUNCEBACKABILITY”

Scientists once experimented with a group of laboratory rats … by placing them in jars of water, in total darkness, to see how long they would last before giving up.

On average, they swam for three minutes, before being safely rescued.

A little later, the same rats were placed in the same jars of water, but this time with a single ray of shining light.

This time, on average, they swam for 36 hours before their rescue.

That’s 720 times longer than they lasted in total darkness!

How could one, single ray of light make such a staggering difference?

Because it remained there, encouraging the rats to fight for their lives. It was their constant source of focus, motivation and inspiration.

Now, let’s consider this in business terms relevant to these trying times.

Every individual in every organisation needs to see the light emitted from their leaders, their vision for the future, their strategies, and their passion and commitment in order to channel the amount of energy and enthusiasm needed to create the strong BOUNCEBACKABILITY that is required.

Light travels at more than 186,000 miles per second – so the light you, your directors and managers emitted yesterday is long gone.

The light you emitted at last year’s conference is long gone.

You and your managers need to be a constant source of light if you want your employees to swim, not sink.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how good are your managers and leaders at providing that constant source of light and, therefore, energy, inspiration and motivation?

How would the rest of the team rate them?

If the ratings are not at the very top of that scale, you’ll struggle to reap consistently high levels of performance from the entire team.

Are you, as a business leader, prepared to transmit the light, inspiration and motivation into your organisation every single day in what remains of 2020, 2021 and beyond?

At Sewells, we’ve got the tools to help you do it and create a staggering business “BOUNCEBACKABILITY”!

We’re running our newest “Business Bouncebackability” breakfast seminar either in-house or online so if you are interested in knowing more about our Bouncebackability “magic” click below to register your interest today, or email us … before the lights are turned out on the chances of making 2021 your Bounceback year.



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