The essence of brilliant “bouncebackability” leadership skills

An effective leader is usually good at balancing how much they allow the team to contribute to organisational success – and how much they contribute themselves.

They know they need to work hard to channel the commitment, effort, skill and effectiveness of their team and allow their team to take up the challenges and deliver, or over-deliver on the bounceback strategies.

So, how do you measure up?

We’ve recently worked with two polar opposite leaders:


Leader One

This individual had an extended sense of responsibility (and importance). Everyone in the team (including this leader) worked really hard, delivering good performance – but the leader took all the credit for the results without once recognising and praising the hard work and effort of the team.

Within a year, 50% of the team were sliding off the deck, demotivated and disenchanted, due to comments like, “I’ve managed to stabilise the department and improve this teams performance. This business is lucky to have me!”


Leader Two

In contrast, this leader was so focused on what others should do and must be responsible for, they’d left themselves out of the equation!

This leader didn’t gain the team’s respect because, when the team were feeling over-burdened and overwhelmed, they were wary of asking for help because the signals were that the leader was only focussed on his own priorities and didn’t really care about them or want to get involved … even though when we began coaching this leader, we found out that this wasn’t the case!
Great leaders have an ability to set, and respect, role boundaries … especially in terms of “bouncebackability” … but it’s actually one of the most difficult skills for leaders to master.


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Alternatively, you can be bold and take action before it’s too late … you can measure up to the biggest leadership principle of all and effectively balance responsibility and commitment throughout your organisation.


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