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It has become increasingly clear post lockdown 2020 that organisations realise that their culture and leadership skills are major keys to creating and sustaining the positive change that will be needed to significantly improve performance and results.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, research suggested that whilst 96% of company executives believe that they have a strongly defined work culture, 64% of all employees don’t think they have.

90% of organisations believe their leaders are respected, trusted and good at motivating their people … whilst 49% of employees are dissatisfied with bosses who are not respectful or trusted and seem to excel at demotivating them. If perception is reality, these reality gaps are stark and the gap may be even wider now, as organisations emerge from recent events.

Companies cannot hope to create the sea-change in improved performance, results, team spirit or customer loyalty they need, firstly, to survive and, secondly, thrive, going forward if they are blind to these differences.

Let us, at Sewells, help you in 2021 and beyond by beginning with a free “reality check” (worth £8,000)



Please take us up on this offer … it’ll be the most important thing you can do to ensure your objectives for the future will be achieved or exceeded – and it will cost you nothing.  And remember one of our recent posts“Facts don’t cease to exist because they’re ignored”.

Once you know the true situation, you can then go to work on finding a tailormade solution:  “The known I can cope with; it’s the unknown that frightens the living daylights out of me.”

No matter how good (or bad) your culture and leadership is in reality … these insights will give you a solid starting point for breath-taking performance results.

“What Sewells discovered was priceless … we thought we had everyone on board, fully aligned and all our “ducks” in a row …we could not have been more wrong!”

Discover the unknown … and unlock the unused potential in your organisation.   Register for our prize draw today or call us on 01244 681068.

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