Master the Essentials: Conflict Management

As someone who’s working hard at improving business performance and results, you’ll know how important it is to effectively manage conflicts between individuals or departments.

Our 52 years experience at helping organisations to experience dramatic growth in revenues, profits, operational excellence and customer delight shows that leaders and managers are not very skilled at resolving conflicts.

This is not because they can’t be skilled at it, it’s just they’ve never been shown how to be!

Firstly, it’s important to note that not all conflicts are bad  –  in fact, when handled professionally, conflicts can help you :-

  1. Achieve better performance and results
  2. Unite individuals and teams
  3. Increase team spirit and job satisfaction
  4. Sleep better at night!

Not all conflicts are the same  –  and in order to manage them effectively, you need to know which one you’re dealing with … there are 4 types …

  1. Relationship Conflicts  –   “personal feelings getting in the way”
  2. Process Conflicts  –  “disagreements about how it should be done”
  3. Task Conflicts  –  “disagreements about what is to be done”
  4. Status Conflicts  –  “disagreements over who’s in charge/responsible”

There are only 4 options for managing conflicts … some are effective and positive, some are not.

Click here to request our factsheet on the 4 options for managing conflict

If you need help in getting people in your organisation to be channelling their energy and creativity on improving results, and not fighting each other, contact us now for an informal chat. We’ll look at how you’re managing conflict and tell you what you’re doing well –  and the big mistakes to avoid.

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