Master The Fundamentals: Delegation – A Lost Art?

You’d be truly amazed when leaders and managers in organisations, who are struggling to cope because of time pressures and the need to achieve or exceed targets, cannot, or will not, delegate.

Firstly, what is delegation? It is where part of your own job is consciously passed to a member of your team whilst you retain accountability.

So, what delegation isn’t is dumping the task, the responsibility and accountability on to someone else. That’s abdication.

Seeing that leading and managing is about getting things done through people, successful delegation is a vital aspect of the job.

The more senior you become, the more you need to master the art of delegation in order to be effective.

There are 3 different levels of leaders or managers:-

  1. Those who do it all themselves (and therefore do work two or three levels below their role)  –  these people need help!
  2. Those who abdicate not delegate  –  these people need help also!!
  3. Those who are really good at delegating, so they can focus on doing more strategic work and less transactional work  –  these people need promoting!!

Becoming a Ninja at delegating will improve your personal performance, other people’s performance, the team’s performance, the business/departmental performance, team spirit, confidence, etc …

It’s win, win, win, win, win, win etc …

So how good at this are you as an organisation?

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