Extraordinary achievement from ordinary people – the keys

Whether you’re a keen swimmer or sports enthusiast, or not, we can almost guarantee you’re familiar with the name Michael Phelps.

However, you may not be familiar with another dominant swimmer: Katie Ledecky.

She’s only 19 and, as she herself has said, there is nothing particularly special about her. Whereas Michael Phelps has a physique practically MADE for swimming, Katie boasts she “has no such distinctions”.

In fact, what’s most unique about her is that she is not unique at all and yet she smashes records left, right and centre. She’s toppled 13 world records in her young career and is already a five-time Olympic gold medalist.

How has she done it?

Not by accident, that’s for sure. Top performers know how to achieve outstanding performance … consistently  –  they don’t leave success to chance. Three years prior to her Olympic performance in Rio, Katie and her coach, Bruce Gemmell, set clear goals. In fact, they set some “BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS”.

Katie’s incredible attitude, mind-set and work ethic, praised by other swimmers, was empowered by the vision she created with her coach: “Achieve Gold in Rio 2016”.

So, when the 2016 Olympics rolled around, Katie became the first woman in nearly 50 years to win the 200, 400, and 800 freestyle events in a single Olympics, in addition to destroying the world record in the 800-metre freestyle race.

Isn’t that stunning? But what does this mean for YOU?

Well, it shows you that human achievement of any kind doesn’t happen by accident, it follows certain key principles and practices (P&P) … P&Ps anyone can follow and, when they do, ACHIEVEMENT ALWAYS FOLLOWS.

If you don’t follow these P&P’s in the future … we can guarantee:

  • You will fail, never mind hit your targets and objectives
  • There will have be no accountability in terms of why targets and objectives were missed

You don’t need more product launches, the latest short-cut, trick, or gimmicks, to help you to achieve outstanding performance in 2017 … business-wise or personal-wise.

You know, by now that those things don’t work! You know, by now, that businesses don’t succeed  –  people do!

That’s why, with over 52 years’ experience of getting ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary levels of performance, Sewells is the UK’s leading provider of business improvement or transformation programmes.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means we know the right recipe for propelling sustainable success … mixing strategies and teams of people who know how to achieve and win  –  with laser like focus and unstoppable attitudes and mind-sets – and a brilliant team spirit and work ethic, and over the next few weeks, we’re going to share those incredible insights with you.

We’re going to dive deeper into what it takes for people to constantly exceed objectives and goals in 2017. In the meantime, to spark some momentum, download this free e-report: “Achievement from ordinary people  –  the keys”

A copy is yours if you’d like one (if you’re committed to enabling everyone in the team, including you, to actually achieve more … and not just wishing it!)

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