Knowledge is NOT power; knowing how to use it effectively IS!

Most efforts at significant personal improvement fail. The result? Other than no improvements being seen … that person might lose self-confidence, self-esteem and belief in the fact that positive change is possible. As such, they are less likely to try any change in the future … because they now believe “it’s not for them”.

What’s more, other people, especially Managers, who see the failed attempt at personal improvement, are less likely to have confidence in two things: the person who failed and the efficacy of personal improvement activity itself.

There are many naysayers of positive, personal change. But their arguments are fallacious. The fact is, we have all changed significantly in our lives. From ages 5 to 10 to 20. Problem is by, by 35 (much sooner for most), we are pretty set in our core beliefs, attitudes, mind-sets, and therefore, the behaviours and skills that support them.

But the fact that most personal development efforts fail is not proof of a causal relationship. It’s only proof that what people have tried up to now hasn’t worked for them.

The main reason for this is that what they’ve tried up to now hasn’t ignited a passion for, and a total belief in, their ability to positively and significantly change.

All people have an unlimited potential for growth and development when “the right buttons are pressed”.

Most personal improvement efforts fail because they don’t “press the right buttons” … it’s as pure and simple as that.

We, at Sewells, know how to “press the right buttons” for all individuals … the resulting improvements in performance, especially in businesses, are breath-taking. And to demonstrate this, here are the improvements just some of our clients have recently enjoyed:

  • A client in the financial services sector experienced an upturn in their turnover from £87M to £148M – increase of 58%
  • Another client, this time in the manufacturing sector reported a massive improvement in their quality control, reporting 84.6% fewer ‘defects’ than in the previous 12 months
  • A third, this time in the Oil & Gas sector, smashed through what they felt was a stretching 5-year growth plan in less than 2 years


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