How balanced are your leadership skills (and those of your management team)?

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to making 2023 the successful year you want and deserve.  It’s hoped that you’ve got all your ducks (and people / leaders) in a row?  If you haven’t, you need to start now. You’ll need to start with the leadership in your organisation. Here are some things to consider:

Tough-minded leadership with humanistic / people-focused skills

In business today, every leader, every boss, every Chief Executive Officer wants their company to exceed every objective and so they encourage tough-minded attitudes and strong-willed personalities as the leadership style.

And in doing so, they sometimes miss the mark and don’t create the success they are after.

They forget that, for leadership to work, for business to excel, you need a balance. It takes not only tough-mindedness, but also a properly humanistic approach to make a business succeed and grow.

A great leader partners a tough mind with an understanding heart.

A tough-minded leader needs also to be brilliant at utilising humanistic / people focused skills to achieve, and exceed, all the objectives set.  To do this you need to lead with some specific attributes.

Find out what these skills are here

When we have confidence in our people, and we treat them with real people-focus, they trust us when we have to make the tough decisions, and stick with us through even the most trying times. 

“Do not mistake a tender heart for a weakened mind, and do not confuse a tough mind for a heartless soul.”

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