“Don’t Give Me Any Of That Namby-Pamby Culture Stuff …” Part 2

We had a tremendous response to the week before last’s inspirational e-mail on how important successful culture change is in terms of transforming business results.

At a recent meeting with business leaders, some of whom are the ones struggling to improve performance most said “Don’t give me any of that namby pamby culture stuff, I’ve got a business to grow”.

They went on to say their shareholders, owners, Chief Executives, etc, give constant messages out that they interpret as “it’s all about the numbers” …and what’s culture got to do with that?

Over the last 6 or 7 years, we’ve proved that “culture” is the key driver to improving the numbers (providing the business model is solid)

Some recent successes for our clients:

  • 61% increase in sales
  • 42% uplift in productivity
  • 96% of staff felt more motivated and valued in their role

Creating clarity on direction and strategies, building an unstoppable team spirit, igniting passion in everyone to give their best day in, day out and showing leaders how to motivate people properly will transform performance in a way you’ve only dared dream about.

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If you really do think “it’s all about the numbers” … nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, the numbers are ALL about the culture

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