“Don’t Give Me Any Of That Namby-Pamby Culture Stuff …” Part 3

I had the strangest conversation with a prospective client last week.

Prospect: “We’re going to hire a Director of Change (OTE £200k) to help the staff embrace the strategic changes”

Sewells: “Why don’t you let us run a culture change programme for you that will explain the strategies to the staff in a way that make sense to them, ignite their passion to give their best, day in, day out and show your leaders how to motivate people to have the heart, grit, determination and confidence to embrace the change willingly? And it’ll only cost you a fraction of the price”.

Prospect: “Nah! That sounds much harder…”

Sewells: “Ye Gods”!!

This prospect’s response highlights the challenges of successfully rolling out deep, transformational culture change that is truly embraced by your whole organisation.

Having delivered transformational results to key organisations all over the world, Sewells approach to developing a performance orientated environment … where accountability is high and targets are exceeded … never fails … as can be seen by our results and the calibre of our clients.

If the above resonates with some of your current challenges, we would love to explore our synergies and how we can support your growth. Call us now.

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