“Don’t Give Me Any Of That Namby-Pamby Culture Stuff …”

Every organisation with more than three people in it has got a culture.

The culture can be anything from positive, constructive and unstoppable to negative, destructive and horrible.

All the work we, at Sewells, have done since the recession ended shows that, providing the business model works, the fastest way to:
• Grow sales … profitably
• Deliver operational excellence in all areas
• Amaze customers with levels of service that will lock them into you forever and a day
• Electrify team spirit, alignment and engagement
• Motivate and inspire people to give their best day in, day out
… is by knowing how to successfully change and improve the culture.

Most organisations KNOW this, but few, very few, CAN do it successfully.

Many organisations spend huge amounts of time and money trying to effect culture change … and fail.

Successfully changing culture is specialist work … and it produces performance transformations most business leaders only dare dream of!

If you are doing lots of great things and just not getting the results, why not contact us today for a “no obligation” chat about the secrets to successful culture change! You’ll be really glad you did.

P.S. One organisation who we helped has just posted a 68% improvement in sales and 105% improvement in profit – so “namby pamby” this isn’t!

If you’d like to discuss culture change, call us now on 01244 681068 or email us on tellmemore@sewells.com … you’ll be really glad you did!

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