Are most companies over-managed and under-led?

Our 55-year experience as the leading UK business improvement specialists seems to suggest managers abound in organisations – but leaders are lacking.

Managers these days tend to be “subject experts” who excel at processes and procedures – but who can’t and don’t connect with, or motivate, their people – or know how to build genuine trust.

Many so called “leaders” are not qualified – or skilled enough – to lead … and it’s not their fault … they have the potential to do so … they’ve just never been trained and developed to do so!

Being effective in a leadership role requires an entirely different set of skills and aptitudes than being able to do the work that got them there.


The tell tale signs of not being able to be a leader are clear to see …(click here to read them)


Can you relate to any or all of these? Of course you can!

Sewells’ experience and results

Our experience demonstrates huge, positive turnaround in performances, team spirit, customer experience – and results. Through our leadership-led business improvement programmes, Sewells can show that it is possible for the most unqualified leaders to succeed … simply by letting go of old patterns of thinking and doing and developing new ones.

Under performing organisations are usually over-managed and under-led. Don’t let yours be one of them! Click on the image below to book an appointment with us at Sewells, the UK’s leading business improvement specialists, and understand the value of our unique approach.

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