You’re giving your sales development contract to WHO?

The Commercial Director in the UK and Ireland for a global, “high end”, big ticket brand, has just started another three-year business improvement programme with Sewells.

This is the sixth one he has commissioned in a twenty-five year period … with four different companies, in four different market sectors.

Because the performance improvements we’ve helped his commercial teams make over the years have been breath-taking.  Highlights from the last business improvement programme include:-

  • An increase in market share of 58% – in a highly competitive & commoditised market – up 14%
  • The bottom line improved by over £25 million
  • Their customer satisfaction/loyalty at an all-time high


Because we focus on the psychology of selling (making it a buying process rather than a selling process, and relationship based rather than transaction based) and the positive behavioural changes that only come about when attitudes and mindsets are tackled “head on”.


Over  twenty-five years we’ve refined and improved our approach to keep it up-to-date, relevant, practical – and highly effective. Ian couldn’t be happier – click here to read what he said in his latest text

Sewells can improve your business – sales, sales training, inspired leadership, getting over the dysfunctions of teams, highly effective day to day performance management, establishing ownership and accountability EVERYWHERE in the organisation etc. …


With guaranteed business improvements on offer like our customer has experienced, why wouldn’t you?

But if you’re not quite ready (yet) to take that step, to find out more about Sewells’ Most Popular Business Services … the ones our customers value the most … download the details here.  And then you may want to give us a call!

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