The key to business improvement: What you need to know/learn

It’s easy to find people who’ll tell you what you want to hear.  It really is.

However, your true ally is the one who’ll tell you not only what you need to know/learn, but also the what and how to change to produce significant improvements in performance – for yourself, the team, different departments and the organisation as a whole.

I remember “back in the day” we had some time and motion people telling our Board (after rigorous observations) that we were “97.8% efficient” in our activities.  Most of the Board breathed a sigh of relief. I was incensed!  We were complete time wasters and pretty ineffective – as individuals and as a team.

What the time and motion people were after was not to improve the business and its efficiencies, performance and results, but to extend the work they were observing to include everyone else in the business! A winner for them!

Sustainable business improvement programmes start with honest and constructive feedback around the real barriers to positive change – i.e. those that exist in the mindsets and attitudes of the people involved.

Then, once the real barriers to positive change have been established, work should begin on designing the business improvement programme that will work for YOUR organisation.


Otherwise wouldn’t it just be another way of telling people what they WANT to hear …and not what they NEED to?


We, at Sewells, work with organisations large and small … and we’ve never failed to help positively transform their business performance.
We call it the The Sewells Improvement Programme

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Get our free Business Performance Improvement Starter Pack, featuring 4 reports full of our tried and tested techniques to kick start your business improvement journey.