You can change without growing, but you cant grow without changing

In business, resisting change is like holding your breath – if you succeed, you die!

The pace of business today is relentless – and organisations must evolve and change in order to grow profitable sales, increase market share, stay ahead of the competition and amaze customers with levels of service that will lock them into you for ever and a day.

How this change is managed by the leadership team is the key to success; it’s also the main reason that 70% of change initiatives fail to take root properly. When an organisation’s culture is not aligned with its business objectives, many of the following symptoms appear:

  • The performance and results are behind plan (but short-term initiatives mean you can get close to hitting the numbers)
  • Employees are unclear about the vision, direction and strategies (although the leaders can’t imagine why!)
  • Decision-makers feel under extra pressure (because decision making is delegated upwards all the time!)
  • Employees assume managers know more about future plans/changes than they are telling (there’s a lack of trust and engagement)
  • There’s a lack of team spirit, pride, passion and “can do” attitudes
  • Everyone focuses on “their own patch” (SILOs) (because they don’t see the big picture!)
  • It’s harder and harder to motivate people and get things done (“Why should I bother, no-one appreciates my efforts?”)
  • A lack of accountability/empowerment is rife (although leaders think the individuals are empowered because they’ve told them they are!)
  • Rumours of re-structuring etc … flourish (nothing else seems to work, so it must be the structure!)

Do you recognise any of these symptoms in your organisation? If you do you need to take some positive action now!

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