Top three leadership traits

1) Leaders get results

And it’s through the voluntary help and co-operation of their people, they build and develop a genuine commitment to “the cause”.

Take one of our recent clients, for instance. He joined a new company that had been “drifting along” where results were ok, morale was poor and customer attrition was beginning to increase quite dramatically. He had a battle on his hands, but the best weapon in his arsenal was his ability to re-build in everyone a total belief in the company and its products and services – with the help of Sewells, of course!

Through his efforts and the help of a few key team players, he was able spread the fire and passion for the business to almost everyone. Igniting desire and drive for “the cause” saw the company expand into five new markets in 18 months versus no new markets in the previous 18 months, with a 120% increase in new business and a margin increase of 13%.

As a brilliant and impassioned leader, he definitely got results … with the same people, products and services!

2) Leaders communicate brilliantly

Businesses need to make a profit – leaders get that. But they lead their team to understand that “the cause” has a higher purpose as well.

When Steve Jobs set up Apple, it wasn’t about money. It was about giving people “new experiences” and smashing the “status quo”. Money was the by-product, not the only objective.

Winning the hearts and minds of your people to “the cause” is what unlocks their passion, creates real momentum towards a new direction and forges an unstoppable culture.

3) Leaders deliver on their commitments

Leaders do what they say they’ll do – no exceptions. If something is delayed, or more difficult to execute than was thought, it’s explained ahead of time to everyone it may impact upon.

People must have a mind-set of trust – otherwise, nothing works, nothing changes. Trust is the lubricant that greases the wheels of forward motion!

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