Why most internal leadership programmes don’t work

A recent survey of 7,500 executives revealed that 55% deemed the benefits of their companies’ Leadership programme to be “fair”, down to “poor”!

These programmes are in danger of damaging the companies’ performance and results  –  when they’re designed to be driving strategy and achieving sustainable, long term growth.

Surveyed are :-

  • They lacked connection to the strategic needs of the organisation
  • They didn’t feel they were relevant to their specific development needs
  • They failed to deliver on the skills required for winning their people’s hearts and minds to change –  and give their best, day in day out
  • There was little or no follow through to observe positive change

“Sheep dip” leadership programmes don’t work.

Sewells leadership programmes do work … this is because they begin with one on one “in depth”, strictly private and confidential, diagnostic interviews with the leaders to be trained, to identify the real barriers to growth and change  –  and our leadership programmes are built around addressing those!

Personalised, relevant, professional, inspiring, focused and game changing.

Just look at the results we’ve helped our clients achieve …

  • Best sales and profit results for 22 years
  • Sales up 27% this YTD on top of a record year last year
  • Productivity improved by 68%

If you’re serious about leadership development …  the kind that leads to improvement everywhere in the workplace … you need to contact us now.

Call us now on 01244 681068 or email us on tellmemore@sewells.com … you’ll be really glad you did!

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