Who’s making the noise in your organisation?

It can  happen so easily in any company where the loudest “noises” come from the people who are criticising and complaining about everything and everyone!  This creates an atmosphere that becomes negative …. and performance,  team spirit and results flat-line at best, or nosedive at worst.

The reason for this is that the dominant words used in any organisation are like clouds or sunshine; they create a climate – or, in other words, a culture.

These “neg-heads” need to understand that whinging, moaning and belly aching never improved anything – only positive thoughts, words and actions did that.

Leaders can change the climate, and culture, by doing 3 things:-

1. Give people an exciting, realistic and believable “Vision” for the future to win their hearts and minds so everyone is really focused on it to the point they decide to stop being negative.

2. Start now. Change like this doesn’t come about easily, but, unless you start, it won’t come at all!

3. Get people to focus on what’s good (and there’s plenty of it around) … and then do whatever it takes to make it happen.

For over 55 years, we at Sewells, have been helping our customers solve the problems they have but don’t want, and to achieve the results they want but don’t have.  We’ve put together a list of some of them here TAKE A LOOK and then see what they’ve had to say:-

“We were a disparate team, our work with Sewells acted as the catalyst that pulled us together under one vision! Their work enabled us to align all of our activities and create a vibrant, winning culture with transformed results. Brilliant!”

“We’re having a very good year on the back of all the work we’ve been doing over the last 3 or 4 years with Sewells, we’re really seeing the benefit of it coming through … especially where we’ve linked our visions and values and behaviours with our key performance indicators …the results have been stunning.”

“Trying to change the way we operated as a business without first changing the way our people were thinking we found out was as costly, as it was futile. Once Sewells moved in and ‘weaved their magic’, sales increased by 100% in four years … in a market that was stagnant.”

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