Who has ever heard of Alexander the Average?

You, your Directors and Senior Managers cannot demand respect for your leadership qualities … you must earn it every day.

To be a leader that people willingly and enthusiastically follow, our recent survey shows that you must:

Alexander the Average

Learn to control impulsiveness.
Short-term solutions create long term problems. Where people lose faith in a leader is when they see knee-jerk reactions blinding sound judgement.

Put the right people in the right slot!
We sometimes need to put people in certain slots because there is no one else to fill them at the time. Everyone understands that. People become reluctant to follow a leader when the job outgrows the person put in there because there was no one else and they are allowed to languish in the wrong slot. This is more than sparing someone’s feelings, the fear of confrontation causes the gifted people in the organisation to become discouraged … and coast … or leave!

After considering all the options, then accept full and final responsibility.
Why would anyone follow a leader who at the first sight of choppy water they begin to tell everyone that they wanted to go in a different direction but no one would listen to them. In this scenario people don’t feel let down … they feel BETRAYED!!!

Make no mistakes: leaders are made, not born – and we have made more brilliant ones than any other company. Ask Honda, Shell, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz to name just a few of our more than satisfied customers.

If you’d like us to make some truly great leaders for you, call us now on 01244 681068. You’ll be really glad you did!

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