What is culture and what can it do for you?

These statistics are specifically for the cynics, who question the importance of workplace culture in driving up measurable improvements in performance and bottom line results.


  • 64% of all employees don’t feel there’s a strong workplace culture*
  • 49% of employees are dissatisfied with their direct boss*
  • 66% of employees don’t see opportunities for potential growth*

And only …

  • 21% of employees  feel strongly valued at work*

This is shocking enough – but what’s more shocking is the number of leaders who think everyone and everything is OK in their business.


  • Culture is the environment in which your strategies and your brand (and all it stands for) thrive or die a slow death
  • Culture establishes what’s right and what is wrong; it informs them about what works and what doesn’t work, who to trust, who not to trust and defines what is normal and what is not
  • Culture is often “assumed” – which makes it invisible to direct observation – it’s important therefore to define it in order to establish a framework by which it can be measured
  • Culture needs to be driven from the top
  • Leaders need to be accountable to do whatever it takes to drive and grow the culture


  • Measures defined values and observable behaviours so that everyone – leaders and employees alike – understand what a brilliant culture looks and feels like.
  • Increases performance, accountabilities and responsibilities in all areas of the business  –  and turbocharges motivation and team spirit.
  • Measures leaders on how well they and their teams “live, eat and breathe” the values and behaviours.
  • Allows people who model the values to be praised, those who struggle with aspects of their work behaviour or even the culture to be coached and those who steadfastly won’t change to be “let go”


  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the automotive industry, conflicts, absenteeism, turnover, grievances and customer complaints  reduced by 60% over a 6 month period.
  • Another organisation in the engineering sector achieved an increase in productivity of 164% in just 18 months.
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the financial services sector, they achieved a profit increase of 120% over the previous year.

The reality is that culture drives EVERYTHING in your organisation  –  good or bad. Ignoring culture change is costing you dearly  –   don’t be so naïve as to think otherwise.

Call us to discuss culture change in your organisation on 01244 681068 or contact us at tellmemore@sewells.com  you’ll be really glad you did.


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