Culture change is hard … lasting culture change is really hard

Almost everyone we speak to these days understands that changing a company’s culture will improve performance and transform results more significantly (and quickly) than any other form of action. Many companies therefore attempt to change their culture but most fail (81% according to one recent study*). Given, the undeniable fact that building a better culture will make any business stronger for years to come … this is a worrying statistic. So why such a high failure rate?

Discover the top 5 reasons why culture change fails:

  1. Culture change can’t be mandated

All your people’s hearts and minds need to be won in order to change behaviour … you can inspire, or manipulate. Which one works do you think?

  1. Culture change requires inspirational leadership

Most companies try to change culture without changing their leadership style  –  most leaders do not role model the new behaviours. People know when “lip service” is being paid.

  1. Culture change must start with small wins

Too many companies start by trying to become the “best in the world”. People don’t believe it (and nor should they). Big ambitions are fine, but you must have a route map  –  you can’t  take people to a place they don’t believe exists.

  1. Culture change is about improving performance in all areas

It’s not all about “dress down days”, “cake baking” or even “cake eating” competitions! … It’s about driving business improvements and this  must be the priority.

  1. Culture change is specialised work and needs to be driven from the top

Your new HR Manager “Who’s been involved in culture change before” cannot drive this – support it, yes … drive it, no! It must be driven from the top  –  and from in the line.

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*ISPI study

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