What do employees want and need facing, in or coming out of a crisis? (Part Two)

We got a terrific response from you regarding how you scored, as an organisation, on the trust, stability, compassion and hope psychological needs of your people (you can download another copy of the survey here).  Thank you for sharing your results with us!

Over the last 56 years, in all the other crises we’ve helped organisations like yours to get through, the leaders have needed a telescope and a microscope to navigate their way safely, and quickly, to a solid and sustainable recovery.

The telescope to gain some perspective on the future, survival strategies, cash flow requirements, etc …. the microscope to help leaders “zoom in” on what’s really critical for the people in the business to have their emotional needs met in order for them to play their full part in the recovery.

From the survey results, it appears that the telescope is being utilised quite well, however it doesn’t appear that the microscope is being used much at all.

The road to recovery will be like a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to keep people energised by fulfilling four basic needs: trust, stability, compassion and hope (see last week’s inspirational email – click here).

Like with a marathon, the fewest people quit in the first mile and – believe it or not – the second fewest in the last mile! When people’s minds have “the end in sight”, they can keep going when they could be giving up!

Click here to download some tips on what’s needed to keep people going (after the initial excitement of returning to work has faded a little).

Always remember, as human beings, we have an innate desire to be great, and to do something great.  We have a longing to improve and create a better and brighter future.

The real leader is the one who not only keeps people focused and believing, but also helps them overcome fears, stress, obstacles and adversity.

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