Well begun is half done

We’re almost halfway there! Halfway through the year, that is!

How’s your business performance looking so far? Remember, you only need two dots on a chart to give you a trend and you already have five (Jan-May)!

It’s often around this time when you may realise you’re behind your objectives for the year, or could do with improving margins, or profits and, as a top quality leader, you’re keen to turn things around ASAP.

But what “magic” can be worked in six months that will significantly help you smash goals and targets by the end of 2015?

In our experience – and trust us when we say we have a LOT of experience with this – we find businesses will immediately put added pressure on their employees to pick up the slack. As a knee-jerk reaction, this is expected! Focus is given to profit margins and bottom lines.

What these businesses miss every single time, however, is that they are not paying attention to their most valued asset: their people!

These knee-jerk reactions towards your team invariably lead to a downward spiral of under-achievement, feelings of negativity, job dissatisfaction and, sometimes, other undesirable behaviours that affect the company’s performance and poison morale.

For the remainder of 2015, don’t modify your goals – magnify your people’s attitudes and skills instead. Don’t wish it was easier – take action and develop better strategies, strengths, skills and spirits!

Our tried and tested methods for motivation and igniting the passion, urgency, grit and determination in teams to exceed all their objectives have worked “magic” in businesses large and small, in a variety of sectors.

One particular business we worked with towards the end of last year increased their profit by 36% in the final quarter to exceed their objectives (in a year-on-year comparison). You can’t deny that this stuff works!

Give us a call NOW on 01244 681 068 so we can help you work some “magic” in your business by the end of 2015! You’ll be really glad you did.

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