The seven principles of successful sales

We, at Sewells, have found that the good, highly effective “timeless” selling skills are becoming more and more difficult to find.

When salespeople take the tired and outdated approaches in striving to sell successfully, many of the most important aspects of the sales process are neglected, and the desired outcomes (i.e. the sale, making a life long friend, getting referrals, etc.) become increasingly more difficult to achieve.

There are seven principles which emphasise those important facets of the sales process and will create tremendous improvements in bottom line results, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

They focus on value instead of price, make the customer the centre of attention rather than the ‘latest offer’ and build value for the customer at every stage of the sales process.


The Seven Principles of Successful Sales are explained here – simply click on the image below to download.



Does This Approach Work?

Well, let’s look at some figures from previous work we’ve done with our clients.

Example 1: 80 person engineering company:
Sales up from £800,000 per month to £1,200,000
Annual profit up from just above break even to over £600,000

Example 2: 230 person transport company:
Profits up 64% in one year

Example 3: 10,154 person retailing organisation:
Sales up from £2.1 billion to £6.9 billion in two years
Profits up from £226 million to £955 million in three years
Share price up from £26 to £148 per share


So yes, … this approach does work … so what are you waiting for?

The business improvement you need and want is waiting for you… with our help. If you’d like our help, please get in touch with us right away.

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