“The Olympian Formula”: Achieve spectacular results TODAY

What do past Olympians Bradley Wiggins, Ben Ainslie and Matthew Pinsett all have in common?

They are all multiple Olympic Gold Medal winners.

What is it that these Olympians do that make the difference? What is the formula they apply to out-perform others on a consistent basis and achieve spectacular results … and how can you apply it to your business?

(D+D+D = S) Desire + Dedication + Discipline = Success


You won’t find any gold medal winners who got there by making a vague decision about how successful they’d “like to be”.

Your people need to know your “vision” (most people in organisations don’t!) and be totally committed to it. How can you take your people to somewhere they don’t even know exists, never mind see themselves as an integral part of the effort?!

You need to create clarity on direction and strategies and then build an unstoppable team spirit, around them thereby igniting passion in everyone to give their best day in, day out … showing leaders how to motivate people properly will transform performance and make your “vision” a stunning reality.

Because of our work with an organisation in the capital equipment industry they saw their sales increase by 148%!


Olympians do extra. They go the extra mile and, sometimes, they give everything they’ve got  –  and more  –  to achieve their goals and those of their team. You get gold by doing the gymnastic leap of your life … with a cracked rib.

We’re not sure why so many managers in business, who take the type of half-hearted approach you see so often, are so surprised that achieving goals and objectives is such a struggle.

You get gold medals by getting up when everyone else is asleep and putting in the work that others won’t.

Because of our work with an organisation in the oil and gas industry, we helped them achieve their stretching 5 year business plan in less than 2 years.


You get gold medals by failing and coming out of that failure with an iron resolve to do better next time until you become unbeatable  –  a resolve that nobody will shake.  You do it again and again through rain, sleet and snow.

Your leaders should inspire people in a way that gives them the confidence, heart, grit, determination and levels of commitment that makes them “unstoppable”  –  once employees unlock their unlimited potential and direct it with stunning focus … targets get exceeded consistently.

How disciplined are your leaders to become the best they can be … to be world beaters?

As a result of our work with an organisation in the financial services industry they had seen staff turnover drop from 46% to 15% in just 6 months … and the bottom line improve by 38%

Just look at the recent results for our clients who have used this winning formula …

  • As a result of our work with a Global organisation they’ve seen gross profit up by 17%
  • Another organisation had seen a 36.5% increase in revenues and significant increases in customer loyalty, repeat business, referrals and recommendations (e.g. 1.8 referrals for every unit delivered).
  • One organisation had seen themselves move from the bottom 10% of a customer satisfaction survey (in a league of 200) to top three in a  6 month period

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