The characteristics of terrific employees (part 1)

  1. They work for the greater good. They really “get” the vision and direction – and how to play their full part in making it “come alive”. Great employees aren’t just team players; they have a deep understanding of how their team plays best. They have the ability to adapt their work styles for the greater good of a project or the company as a whole.


  1. They showcase company values. Top employees are those who seem to ooze the exact same values as the companies for which they work. This is something these employees actively work hard at until it becomes second nature. Every company with a strong company culture should seek out employees who share and showcase matched values.


  1. They’re a problem-solver. A terrific employee is usually the individual who is continually striving to find solutions — whether or not they’ve been asked. These employees are likely to be the “go-to” people in times of need.


  1. They can handle criticism. The ability to have thick skin is likely to set them apart as a great employee. Being able to take the heat and truly benefit from the variety of criticism they’re likely to receive on-the-job is a highly rewarded trait.


  1. They know how to give and receive praise. An amazing employee is often the one praising peers and the entire team. They easily recognise the contributions of their fellow workers. On the other hand, they also know how to humbly and graciously receive the praise they are given by others.

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