So what’s it like on Jupiter?

A gold medal winning Olympic athlete is going to do poorly competing in the high jump on Jupiter.

The reason? Gravity is two and a half times that of Earth’s which means … you’re just not going to jump very well.

Contrast this to our moon, which gives you a huge advantage … because you’d weigh about 30 pounds.

Too many people make the mistake of judging their performance based on their effort, or their form, in either setting.

It’s not “I performed really poorly on Jupiter, I only jumped 3 feet” … it should be “I performed the best I could on Jupiter, and amazingly, I jumped 3 feet!”

You see, there are three separate areas to consider … the jump, the result and the environment.

So, what does this mean for your plans to improve your business? :-

  1. Don’t attempt the high jump on Jupiter. Do it on the moon if you want a good score.
  2. If you’re stuck on Jupiter, give yourself and your team a break and re-calculate what a good score is for the environment you’re in.
  3. In business, the moon doesn’t exist anymore  –  we’re all on Jupiter … it’s tough out there.

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