Personal Development: Being The Best

Do you have what it takes to be the best in 2018?

What are the characteristics common to successful people … the achievers and doers – the ones who find ways to become the very best at everything they do?

Would you pass the “Best” test?

Consider the following 6 questions to discover whether you’ve got what it takes to be the best in 2018 and beyond!

  1. Are you an optimist?

Optimists always believe things can improve or be done better. This pushes them to be their best (and encourage other people to do the same).

  1. Do you have a vision?

Visionaries can see ahead of the pack. They see the bright future and what things will look like when they reach their destiny. While working hard for today, they live for the future. They “begin with the end in mind.”

  1. Do you relentlessly pursue excellence?

The “status quo” is not for the best. They want to experience the best and be the best. That means giving their best. They go the extra mile so that in everything they do, in everything they say and think, they are striving for excellence.

  1. Do you have a yearning for personal growth?

The best don’t want to stay at the level they are at. They want to grow in their work, their intellect and their relationships  –  in every area of their life. They discipline themselves to put themselves in situations where they grow. Personal growth doesn’t “just happen.” The best people choose to grow.

  1. Do you welcome competition?

Like the lead runners in the race with someone on their heels, the best know that the competition is right behind them. They love it because they know the competition keeps them from becoming lazy or complacent. The competition pushes them to go faster and achieve more—to remain the best by forging ahead.

  1. Do you strive to be a leader?

Someone has to lead—it may as well be the best. People who become leaders get there because they want to. They want make a difference. And they want to be equipped with the skills necessary to lead others to a better place.

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