Master the Fundamentals: Managing attitudes and mind-sets

Our research shows that the biggest barrier to achieving sustainable and improved performance and results is not one of processes, systems and resources  –  it’s the attitude (and mind-set) of the people involved.

If we can’t win the hearts and minds of the people involved in driving positive changes in the organisation, it’s highly unlikely it’ll happen in practice.

People with a “fixed” mind-set believe they can’t change their behaviours; they’ll avoid even trying to, and will come up with any and every excuse imaginable to prove the change won’t work.

Does that sound similar? Of course it does!

People with a “growth” mind-set believe they can be good at anything (if they practice hard enough); they’re keen to learn new skills and encourage others to do the same … and are inspired to do more by the smallest of improvements.

The difference in the culture created between “fixed” mind-sets and “growth” mind-sets is like chalk and cheese. The difference in results is enormous!

Changing mind-set and attitudes is the biggest opportunity most organisations have to sustainably transform their performance and results … and no time or money needs to be spent on replacing systems, improving processes, or recruiting more resource … how good is that!?

Yet so few do it … why? Because it’s specialist work … thankfully work, we at Sewells, has mastered.

  • An organisation in the food manufacturing industry had seen their closing ratios increase by 130% over the previous year
  • Another organisation in the automotive industry had a record number of cars sold in 2015.
  • Finally, an organisation in a crowded manufacturing sector had seen their order volume increase by 23%

How/where else will you get improvements like these without changing mind-sets? Answer: you won’t!

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