Mastering the Fundamentals: Delegation – A Lost Art?

During the month of March our weekly Wednesday email theme is focusing on one of our top specialisms, ‘Inspirational Leadership’ and today we’re covering “effective delegation”.

You’d be truly amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t be) when leaders and managers in organisations, who are struggling to cope because of time pressures and the need to achieve or exceed targets, cannot, or will not, delegate.

Firstly, what is delegation? It is where part of your own job is consciously passed to a member of your team to complete whilst you retain the accountability for it.

So, what delegation isn’t is dumping the task, the responsibility and accountability on to someone else. That’s abdication.

Seeing that leading and managing is about getting things done with and through the voluntary help of people, successful delegation is a vital aspect of the job as a leader.

The more senior you become, the more you need to master the art of delegation in order to be effective at exceeding objectives and developing skills, confidence and trust in members of the team.

There are 3 different levels of leaders or managers:-

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Becoming a ‘Ninja’ at delegating will improve your personal performance, other people’s performance, the team’s performance, the business/departmental performance, team spirit, confidence, etc …  It’s win, win, win, win, win, win, …

So, how good at this are you as an organisation?

Call us now to find out how you, and your key leaders and managers can become ‘Ninjas’ at delegation. Including the do’s and don’ts … and practical steps for anyone to be able to master this lost art.

Not long after we first met, I said to you “if I ever get myself to that important and influential job then I’d definitely give Sewells a call … and as you know the rest is history.  The results you helped us produce with the leadership programme over the years have been nothing short of remarkable”  MD, Manufacturing Sector.

To find out more about what we did and the results achieved, please head over to the case study

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