Leading, without building trust, will destroy you!

How many so called “leaders” do we know / have we known who:-


  • Come down on people like a ton of bricks if they don’t keep regular office hours … and then announce they’ll be “working from home for the next two days”?
  • Freeze salaries and make redundancies and then take delivery of a swanky new company car or attend a two day “conference” at an expensive hotel / resort?
  • Tell everyone they have to work extra hard to reach their targets – and then leave early to play golf, or attend a non-work related event?


These “leaders” work on the”one rule for me, another one for everyone else,” principle. They don’t understand how such “not leading by example” undermines their right to any credibility and trust from the team and makes it impossible for people to follow them with any degree of trust or respect.


As Will Holden, Sewells’ Chairman, explains in this video, we, at Sewellls, are the UK’s leading business improvement and leadership development organisation with a world class reputation for creating high performance cultures – the kind that improves performance, team spirit and results that you’d only ever dared dream about!

Results not unlike these which some of our customers have reported to us:

  • A customer in the automotive sector reported decreases in both staff turnover (-46%) and absenteeism (-63%) on previous year’s figures
  • Another customer, this time in the engineering sector, reported a 164% increase in productivity … in just 18 months
  • A financial services sector client reported that year on year profits have increased by 120% (in a flat market)

If you’d like to experience similar results, you might want to get in touch with us now as a matter of urgency and make 2019 your break through year, before your competitors do.



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