Who are the leaders we remember most? (For all the right reasons!)

The leaders we remember most, the ones who stand out from the rest, are the ones who are inspirational and challenging – in their actions, in their thinking, and certainly in the way they have interacted with us.

The leaders we remember most are the ones who have followed these practices of brilliant leadership:-

They challenged us. They’re the ones who showed us we can always be better than we thought we could; who encouraged us to do what we thought was impossible.

They acknowledged us. They took the time to express their gratitude.  They provided recognition to us and acknowledged our effort.

They listened to us. They made time to listen and paid attention to what we had to say.  They helped us learn what it’s like to really be listened to.

They trusted and “stretched” us. Memorable leaders know that trust is at the core of any relationship … but they didn’t settle for “second best” from us.  When they depended on us, we felt secure and supported, and because of that we became more accountable and responsible.

They made time for us. They made us feel important – they took the time to hear what we had to say.  No excuses and no broken promises. They gave us the gift of their time.

They cared for us. By showing us kindness and respect … they cared for us enough to tell us when we were on the wrong track!  They created memorable connections and opened our hearts to learn from them.

They supported us. They didn’t give us all the answers or solve all our problems. Instead they did something we will never forget: they faced our challenges with us.

They gave us room to make mistakes. They’re the ones who allowed us to make our own mistakes, helping us learn to look out for broader perspectives and deeper insight.

They believed in us.  They showed us that one person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself is enough to change your life and leadership forever.

They honoured us. By recognising who we were and who we could become, they inspired us not only to perform better but also to be better.

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